lunes, 13 de junio de 2016

A flurry of new releases!!!

It's been quite a while since we uploaded anything on after the release of Akiba Jonze's single "Say Goodbye"!

This time, Mothermantra Records is bringing you a MASSIVE update with 6 brand-new releases by Akiba Jonze, no less!!!

The first two are the remaining introductory singles by Akiba Jonze: the blasphemous but still sexy "Forbidden Love (Laudate Dominum)" with its spoken word goodness, religious overtones and heavy guitar riffs, and the otherworldly "Realm of Rain" with its choral goodness, magical atmosphere and groovy beats.

The third in this list is Akiba Jonze's debut album "Akash". An immersive experience through eastern sounds, philosophy and nature that will ensnare from the first drumroll of its opening track "Samadhi" all the way to its fourteenth and last track "Words".

The three final releases from today's batch are the three promotion singles from "Akash": "Samsara", "Mothermantra" (*wink wink nudge nudge*) and "Firebird".

Check out all of these releases at

See you soon!

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